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Midwest HPBA 2015

The Midwest HPBA 16th Annual Meeting will be taking place August 3rd & 4th at the Ameristar Casino and Hotel, in St. Charles, Missouri.

This years meeting has a Mardi Gras theme featuring events such as a "Big Easy" Dinner Bash and the "Fat Tuesday" Barbeque. Attendees will have their choice of 12 different workshop sessions to attend and increase their industry knowledge base.

DuraVent is looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our new innovations and product developments in St. Charles; please stop by our booth!


Top HVAC trends in 2015

Industry fluctuations occur constantly and the best way to stay on top of your customers’ needs is to know what is changing and how the market is trending. The industry is full of unyielding HVAC professionals seeking their best year yet. We did a little research and are sharing some industry findings that could help you gain the inside edge. According to Consulting - Specifying Engineer industry experts are sharing what gives them the advantage in an ever-shifting, ever-more demanding HVAC market.

Be prepared...HVAC will get smarter

HVAC is a leading industry in the smart technology movement. Smart thermostat technology, smart equipment integration, and as if that were not enough the machines and controls are getting smarter too. Almost everything is getting smarter and smarter technology will be taking center stage as everyone continues to battle for efficiency.

HVAC businesses are on the lookout for connected, multifaceted software to manage their business processes

Contractors are always on the lookout for simple-to-use, all-in-one software solutions that make the job of delivering indoor comfort easier and more effective. This year it’s crucial for service businesses to adopt strong mobile solutions in order to get and stay ahead.

Construction will continue to recover, which will lead to growth in new HVAC systems

Installations will increase with new building construction. The U.S. Commerce Department reports that construction spending for nonresidential projects through November 2014 rose 4.2% from the year before, in addition, lodging, office, commercial and sewage/waste disposal construction rose 11.3%, 14.7%, 8.4% and 13.6%, respectively.

HVAC maintenance and service will become more efficient through mobile

Companies that can specialize in these maintenance technologies are well positioned for growth, these technologies will continue to dominate the commercial HVAC landscape. As HVAC units become more complex, establishing regular preventive maintenance programs with technicians who understand how to service them, will become more important.




Tech Tips

Pizza ovens are trending with home owners and small businesses. There is nothing better than cooking a pizza in an authentic brick oven. The venting of these modular or site built pizza ovens is becoming one of the more popular topics handled by Tech Support on a daily basis. We usually suggest our 8 UL 103HT DuraTech chimney when running one of these through fire-rated floor/ceiling levels of a home. The smaller 5" - 8" outdoor or portable oven models can use our single wall DuraBlack SS right off the top with our Stainless Steel Vertical Cap (DFS-VC). On occasion we even specify our DuraStack Pressure Stack in commercial kitchens to meet the Grease Duct requirement of a fan-assisted installation. Companies like Forno Bravo, Mugnaini and many others, are specifying our products by name, for use on these modular kits. The kits usually get a decorative outer finish when installed at home or in the local pizza shop. The shape and design of these ovens can cook a pizza on a wood fire in as little as three minutes. Why wait 45 minutes for delivery.


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Sweeping 2015 August: Ventinox Rigid

Sweeping 2015 August: Ventinox Rigid
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