July 2012
"How To" Installation Guide Contest 
Calling all DuraPro Members to drop your pipes (gently of course as to avoid damage) and pick up your Video Recorder or Camera!!!
You have a video recorder/camera; you have our pipe; let’s put them together to create some great podcasts to feature on your website, to feature on our website, and to help your customers install the product that you are selling! In addition to that, the companies who submit the best videos will receive free product, prominent display on our M&G DuraVent website as an approved installation along with a profile on their company and much, much more!


Have you picked up your camera? We are so very excited to receive installation videos and pictures! This contest gives you the opportunity to win DuraVent products, guest badges to the HPBA Expo tradeshow or marketing and promotional merchandise. We are taking submissions for our DuraPro “How To Installation Guide” video and photography contest until February 1, 2013 Midnight Pacific Time.


How To Join The Fun:


By Video:

We invite you to submit a video showing an installation of a DuraVent product line. You can include one or multiple M&G DuraVent product lines: DuraTech, DuraPlus HTC, DuraChimney II, DVL, DuraBlack, PelletVent Pro, DuraLiner, Ventinox, DuraFlex, DirectVent Pro, Type B Gas Vent, FasNSeal, or PolyPro.


Have you already created a video? Have you uploaded it online and aren’t receiving the recognition for your fantastic work? We see many spectacular videos containing our products online but very few companies let us know about their amazing work. These videos online are eligible for submission for this contest. Please send the original version by CD to


ATTN: DuraPro Administration

877 Cotting Court

Vacaville, CA 95688


By Photography:


If video recording and video editing isn’t your thing, please submit a series of photographs. Photography submissions are also accepted within this contest. At each important step of the DuraVent product line installation, please snap a shot! Include all necessary shots you believe would be helpful to someone who many have no clue on how to install this product. Remember to make sure the picture is clear, high quality (Hint: take pictures with a nice camera! Cell phone shots tend to be blurry and low quality), and crucial to the installation of the product line. Please submit copies of these pictures by CD to the above address.



Winners will be selected based on creativity, originality, accuracy of content, editing and video/photography content. Winners will be announced on March 13, 2013 at the HPBA Expo in Orlando, Florida. Winners will be notified ahead of time to receive their HPBA tradeshow badges. Additionally, the winners of this contest will have their videos/photography featured on the M&G DuraVent website as an M&G DuraVent approved installation along with a profile on their company. Please contact marketing@duravent.com if you have any questions. Mail your submissions to 877 Cotting Court, Vacaville, CA 95688.

What Were They Thinking?

This newsletter’s featured “What Were They Thinking” submission  comes from
Murphy's Flooring and Fireplaces from Pocahontas, IA:

Interesting what other retail stores will do to fix problems with wind. We did take off that cap and replaced with new.

Thank you Murphy’s Flooring and Fireplaces for this photograph!

Have you seen any of these forehead slap, head shake, eye roll inducing installations? Snap a picture and send them to DuraPro@duravent.com to be featured in our next “What Were They Thinking” section of our DuraPro newsletter.

Brand New Features on MyDuraVent

Have you had a chance to look at our new MyDuraVent?

Our new MyDuraVent provides you with the ability to:

·         Access product photography (available in 1000x1000 pixel, high and low resolution, 300 and 72 dpi, jpg formats)

·         Access product engineering illustrations in pdf (editable vector) format.

·         Ability to update any company information that appears on the DuraVent locator. Information includes your company website URL, main contact, address, phone number, fax number and email address. Be sure to check your information is accurate as these changes are reflected on your listing.

·         Access to login ID and password. If at any future time, you forget your username, password or both, click on the “Forgotten Your Log In?” link to recover it online. You can also email us at marketing@duravent.com and we can supply you with your username and reset your password that can be changed once you login again.

All product literature, product brochures, installation instructions, and catalogs are all available at http://www.duravent.com/ProductDocumentSearch.aspx You do not need a login ID or password for this section.

Log in, look around. If you have any questions about MyDuraVent such as how to navigate through the pages or how to use the photography and illustrations search engine, please contact Marketing at 800-835-4429 or at marketing@duravent.com.

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