DuraVent Newsletter January 2012
Knowledge Is Innovation


Education has always been very important at DuraVent. Not just for our own employees, but for our distributors and dealers as well. DuraVent has had onsite and offsite training programs for years, some of these including CEU’s. For many years we have also been the Education Sponsor at the Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Expo providing contributions in both training programs and education dollars. We intend to continue this path by making this our focus for 2012.

"Knowledge is Innovation" is our official education motto. Without knowledge you cannot continue to innovate and improve products, procedures, or results. At DuraVent we know Engineered Excellence cannot be achieved without education so we want to support our industry by providing knowledge.

We are working on a plan to enable a new part of our website dedicated to education. We will provide online training, training events schedule, education tools, product training podcasts, and more. This focus will also flow into our tradeshow events for 2012. As the official Education Sponsor of HPBExpo 2012 we will again provide training tools and funds to support the education of our industry dealers.

We hope to launch this program in 2012.
Look for more updates on this exciting new program coming soon.



INTRODUCING Oil Vent Pro For Oil Burning Appliances

OilVent Pro

An industry first! Oil Vent Pro is a professionally engineered, easy to install vent system for oil boilers. Features a smooth interior to reduce whistling and friction loss. Built with a quick connect / release twist-lock design on the vent pipe requiring no tools. And does not require sealant on the vent pipe joints (except at the boiler flue collar). Pipe adjusts to precise length needed, no cutting required. Designed with a removable termination end snout for service and installation that is easily replaceable if ever damaged (no tools needed). Strong exterior shell on vent pipe prevents damage and denting. Paintable using high-temperature stove paint. Backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Stylish clean look
  • Removable exhaust cap – easily detachable for cleaning
  • Removable air intake snout – for installation ease
  • Continuous exhaust pipe – eliminates the chance for cross contamination
  • Accomodates wall thicknesses up to 14”
  • Concealed air intake – reduces the amount of exhaust recirculation
  • Swivel end – adds adjustability
  • Attaches directly to PelletVent Pro
  • Lightweight

Download Product Bulletin >>>  


NEW FasNSeal Single and Double Wall Wye

FasNSeal Wye

The FasNSeal single and double wall wye can be used in place of any M&G DuraVent tees, with the difference being that the branch is at a 45° angle instead of 90°. The wye can be used as a manifold connection to gang multiple boilers into a common vent.

  • 45° branch angle
  • Used as a manifold connection to gang multiple boilers into a common vent
  • Built-in manifold locking band
  • Ease of installation



Download Product Bulletin >>>  


Latest News & Events

AHR Expo 2012

January 23-25
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
Booth #6048

National Chimney Sweep Guild 2012
February 15-18
Buena Vista Palace
Orlando, FL
Booth # 114


HPBAExpo 2012
*Show Education Sponsor*
March 1-3
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA
Booth #1607


DuraVent Education Seminar
The next open attendance education seminar will be at HPBA 2012 at the Georgia World Congress Center at Atlanta Georgia on Friday, March 2, 2012 @3:00.

PolyPro Catalog
Online Updates

A recently updated catalog on our PolyPro products is now online.

PolyPro Catalog

Download here >>>, or find it and other documents from our literature page.

DV Product Catalog
Online Updates

DuraVent's current product catalog (dated January 2011) will remain in use through 2012. In keeping with sustainable practices, our catalog will be printed every other year. Our website contains the catalog with updates since the last printing.

Download here >>>, or find it and other documents from our literature page.

Next update January 2012.



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