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New England Fuel Institute’s June 9 - 10th Energy Expo in Worcester, Massachusetts was a success, with a multitude of chimney sweeps and established customers in attendance. DuraVent showcased our FasNSeal 80/90 and PolyPro product lines, which attracted abundant interest and allowed us the opportunity to meet with many of our New England customers. Discussing and showcasing the new products we have in the market speaks to the core of DuraVent’s history; increasing productivity through Engineered Excellence.


Introducing the FasNSeal Single Wall and Double Wall Increasing Wye


The FasNSeal single and double wall increasing wye can be used in place of any tee for a 45° angle instead of 90°. The branch has a smaller diameter, so it can be used to increase to a larger diameter as a manifold connection to gang multiple boilers into a common vent. Maximum diameter increase is 6". Available in custom size combinations.



Venting Solutions

Less Is More
Use the fewest number of vent lengths possible in your venting system to minimize joints. For example: It is better to use one 36" section of pipe to combine a 24" with a 12", or to use three 12" sections. Minimizing the number of joints will result in a stronger, straighter, and more professional installation. It will also dramatically reduce the possibility of fly ash or smoke leakage.


Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
Pull all venting components for a job well in advance to make sure everything is ready to go. The time to find out that something is missing is when your ordering or shopping, not at the time of installation. Ensure you are prepared for the unforeseen by having extra elbows, adjustable sections, and extra pipe in various lengths over-and-above what was specified for the install. This could save a lot of down time in between gathering the additional material(s).


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Patio Hearth Reports 2015 Jul/Aug: DirectVent Pro Horizontal Termination

Patio Hearth Reports 2015 Jul/Aug: DirectVent Pro Horizontal Termination
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