DuraVent Newsletter October 2012
*New* DV Product Catalog Update Available
DuraVent has released a new update (dated September 2012) of our DuraVent product catalog. This update is available only on our website. Download September 2012 update here >>>, or find it and other documents from our literature page.

DuraVent's current printed product catalog (dated January 2011) will remain in use through 2012. In keeping with sustainable practices, our catalog will be printed every other year. Our website contains the catalog with updates since the last printing.

NEW DuraLiner Insulation Kit

DuraLiner Insulation Kit replaces heavy two-ply insulation sleeve on DuraLiner. As of January 1, 2013, the two-play insulation sleeve will be discontinued. They will be replaced by a much simpler kit consisting of 1/2" x 5' ProFoil insulation and a 5' section of ProMesh. These are less costly and easier to install insulation components.
Kit includes: 5' section of ProMesh and 1/2" x 5' section of ProFoil (tape and pipe not included).

Revised FasNSeal Test Ports

The revised FSTP, FSAAUTP, and W2-AATP test ports were redesigned to be simpler, shorter, and easier to use. They now have a simple EPDM plug which is easily removable for testing the flue.
Use to test for proper appliance operation without penetrating the vent wall.
Easy access to perform flue gas analysis.

FasNSeal Single and Double Wall Wye

The FasNSeal single and double wall wye can be used in place of any M&G DuraVent tees, with the difference being that the branch is at a 45 degree angle instead of 90.
45 degree angle
Used as a manifold connection to gang multiple boilers into a common vent
Built-in manifold locking band
Ease of installation
Reduces flow restriction 

PelletVent Pro New Product Parts

PelletVent Pro Prairie Termination Cap
There has been an increase in the number of pellet inserts in the market that require fresh air. M&G DuraVent has taken the style of DirectVent Prairie Cap termination and applied it to pellet inserts. The PVP Prairie Cap is made from our patented super ferritic 444 stainless steel. The PVP Prairie Cap comes in either a stainless steel finish or a painted black finish. The PVP Prairie Cap is sold as a stand alone sku.
PelletVent Increaser
This adapter is used to increase an insert's 2" air inlet to connect to 3" aluminum flex. A lot of pellet inserts have 2" fresh air intakes. The fresh air inlet port on the PVP Prairie Cap is 3". You will need to use 3" aluminum flex for the fresh air. So if there is a 2" air inlet on the insert, the 2" to 3" fresh air adapter increaser will be needed.
Latest News & Events
ASPE 2012
October 29 - 30
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November 7 - 8
Vancouver Convention Center
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