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DuraVent will be exhibiting at AHR EXPO 2015 from January 26 to January 28, 2015 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Come visit us at booth #4823 to learn about our new innovations and product developments with Grease Duct, PolyPro, DuraStack, FasNSeal and much more!

Our representatives will also give a presentation at the New Product and Technology Theater, after which they will be available to answer any questions attendees have about our showcased products.

Mark your calendars because you do not want to miss the 2015 AHR EXPO!
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CIPHEX West Review

CIPHEX West Review

In November, we attended CIPHEX West, one of the largest industry shows in Canada.

We featured our DuraVent commercial products and our PolyPro venting system. Our PolyPro flex solution for multiple venting applications was featured in the new products showcase.

According to Geoff Wilcox, "The level of interest was fantastic! Since Western Canada has relatively newer housing than in some other regions in Canada, and often with existing B-Vent chimneys in place, PolyPro flex is ideal. PolyPro Flex works well for installations in row housing, or where lot lines are narrow. If an appliance cannot be sidewall vented, going up an existing chimney with PolyPro creates solutions and opportunities for contractors."

At DuraVent, health and safety are always our priority, as such solvent welded products were a hot topic. PolyPro does not require potentially harmful solvent-based primers or glue to install, therefore providing a safely engineered alternative for venting.

Show traffic was steady throughout the show, including an optimistic level of “next generation” technicians who visited our booth. These individuals are the future of our industry and they have embraced the innovations that PolyPro brings to the industry.

We look forward to another great show in 2016!

Empire Distributing Features DuraVent in Blazing Times

Empire Distributing Features DuraVent in Blazing Times

DuraVent was recently featured in Empire Distributing’s newsletter after their visit to our headquarters in Vacaville, CA. We are pleased to share their original article as written by Bob DeGraff.

Sometimes you just need to see something to fully appreciate it. You can read about it in newsletters and be told by salesmen and executives but to see something with your own two eyes, really has an impact. That is exactly what Jason, Jeremy and I experienced recently by traveling to M&G DuraVent headquarters in Vacaville, CA.

We know that DuraVent is an industry leader and run by quality people, but to experience their facility in action really nails it home. It was impressive to see the amount of production operations, dozens of assembly lines and hundreds of factory personnel involved in making the venting products we use every day. You can immediately tell the amount of engineering both in design and manufacturing is at an extremely high level.

This is not the DuraVent of old. Since their acquisition by M&G they have brought in new ideas and new engineers to spearhead improvements and innovation. The engineering team is interested in hearing suggestions for upgrades and new products. Their facility allows them to accurately test almost any real world condition including up to 80 MPH wind at any angle. They welcome any ideas you have to improve existing products or new solutions.

In collaboration with DuraVent we will be promoting competitive comparisons with other venting manufacturers. We are eager to compare the internal components and engineering design of their venting systems to others on the market. Now is the time to give DuraVent a fresh look if you’re currently using other brands of venting. We feel that seeing is believing and we want to show you the difference.

Original source: Empire Distributing’s Blazing Times August 2014 Issue


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Barclay Simpson 1921-2014

Barclay Simpson 1921-2014

It is with heavy hearts that we honor the life of Barclay Simpson, the founder of Simpson Manufacturing who passed away recently. Here is the original tribute written by Simpson Strong-Tie.

We are deeply saddened to announce that our founder Barclay Simpson passed away on Saturday evening, November 8. He passed away peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his family. Barc was 93 years old.

Barc was a recognized public figure throughout the building industry and non-profit community. As an entrepreneur, leader and astute businessman, he created a company and a product category that helped shape the construction of homes and buildings all around the world while making them safer. Perhaps more importantly, his generosity made a difference in the lives of many young people and contributed to creating strong and vibrant communities.

Known to employees simply as “Barc,” he instilled core values in the company that have made it a unique and inspiring place to work, with a reputation as a quality, trusted manufacturer and solid corporate citizen. He encouraged employees to “Show respect and build trust in everything you do — with your customers, users and fellow employees. Always be straightforward. Don’t just tell people what they want to hear; tell it like it is.”

This was one of many of Barc’s principles that continues to be ever-present in the work that we do each day.

Barc was very reluctant to take credit for the company’s success, he said, “Great companies are built with great people. When I got into this business, I decided that I’m no genius, so I need to hire the very best people and then make the company the kind of place where they don’t want to go anywhere else. They want to stay here and help build it.”

Barc was truly one of the great American leaders of our time whose vision, integrity and work ethic inspired people to do great things. We will forever be grateful.

Original source: Simpson Strong-Tie’s Website


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