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OEM Appliance Approvals
Boiler Manufacturer
Aerco AM 399/500/750/1000

BMK 750/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000/6000

MLX 303/454/606/757/909/1060

MLX EXT 321/481/641/802/962/1123/1530/1912/295/2677/3060

Allied Engineering Co. Intergas HSE-125 N/P, 145 N/P
Bosch Greenstar Boilers ZBR 16/21/28/35/42

Greenstar Combi Units ZWB 28/35/42

Buderus GB312 Series

(Approval Letter)

Dynaforce 300/350/400/500/600/800
Dynamax 78/97/146/194/243 BTU
Crown Maui

ECO King  
ECR Dunkirk Helix VLT Wall Hung Boilers 50/75/100/150/200/299 KBTU

Utica Boiler SSC Wall Hung Modcon 50/75/100/150/200/299 KBTU

Energy Kinetics Accel CS Boiler
Geminox FCX

Heat Transfer Products Elite
IBC SL 20-115, 30-175, 45-260, 80-399, 80-399 HP
VFC 15-150, 45-225

Laars Neotherm 080-850
Neotherm LC

Mascott II
Lochinvar Armor (N,L) 151/201/286/400/501/601/701/801
FTXL 400-600, 725-800

Knight KB 080-285
Knight XL KB 400/501/601/701/801
Shield SNR 150/200
Shield SNA 150/400/500
Sync (N,L) 1000/1300/1500
Wall Hung (N,L) 055/085/110/155/199/285/399

Mestek RBI Infinite Series
NY Thermal Trinity LX 150-800
Trinity TI 100-400
Trinity TFT 60-399
Trinity TX 51-151
Peerless Boilers Purefire 50/140, 210, 399

Pinnacle Oil

(Approval Letter)
PCH 18B-H, PCH 34B-H, PCH 50B-H, PCC 34-H, PCI 18/8-H, PCI 34/20-H

QHT/Biasi Riva Plus Combi
Biasi M210.32CM and M210.32SV Riva Advance

Firebird Series
Slant Fin VSL160
CHS 85, 110, 155, 175, 200, 250, 300, 399
Triangle Tube Challenger Solo CC85s/CC105s/CC125s/CC150s

Prestige Trimax Solo 60/110/175/250/399

Prestige Excellence PTE 110

US Boiler/Burnham Burnham ALP 080-500
Viessman Vitodens 100-W WB1B series
Vitodens 200-W WB2B series
Vitocrossal 200
Weil McLain ECO
Water Heater Manufacturer
Aerco Innovation 600/800/1060/1350

American Water Heaters
GT140/240/340/540; GT320/520
AO Smith
Commercial Water Heaters Only: Refer to each appliance’s specific installations instructions to verify use.
Canada: ATI-540H-N, ATI-240H-N and ATI-240H-P
USA: ATI-140/240/340/540; ATI-320/520
Bock optiTHERM OT200, OT250, OT299, OT300, OT400, OT500 Series  
Greentherm Series, C 950 ES

Greentherm Series, C 1050 ES

Therm C1210 ES and ESC

Bradford White Condensing/Direct Vent Commercial, Power Vent & Direct Vent Residential Models

Eternal GU145, GU195
Giant UG50-65 and UG50-59
Power Direct Vent Water Heater
Canada: GSWT-540H-DV-N and GSWT-540H-DV-P
John Wood Water Heater
(Approval Letter)
JW4040SN-PDV-ES2, G4040SP-PDV-ES2, JW5040SNPDV-ES2, G5040SP-PDV-ES2, JW85065SN-PDV-ES2
Canada: JWT-540H-DV-N, JWT-540H-DV-P, JWT-340H-DV-N, JWT-340H-DV-P, JWT-240H-DV-N and JWT-240H-DV-P

Navien CH Models
NP Models

NPE Models

NR Models

NCB Models

(Approval Letter)
NRC and NCC Series

Rainsoft GTR140/240/340/540; GTR320/520
Reliance Water Heaters
TS140/240/340/540; TS320/520
State Water Heaters
GTS140/240/340/540; GTS320/520    
Canada:T-H3-DV-N, T-H3-DV-P, T-H3S-DV-N, T-H3S-DV-P, T-H3J-DV-N

USA: T-H3M, T-H3J, T-H3S, T-H3, T-H2, T-H2S
US Craft Master
GTU140/240/340/540; GTU320/520
Furnace Manufacturer
(Approval Letter)
All Condensing Gas Furnaces

(Approval Letter)
All Condensing Gas Furnaces

Armstrong Air
(Approval Letter)
All Condensing Gas Furnaces

ArcoAire 90+ Furnaces

(Approval Letter)
900 Series

(Approval Letter)

Comfortmaker EC97 and VC97

(Approval Letter)
All Condensing Gas Furnaces

Day & Night 90+ Furnaces

Ducane All Condensing Gas Furnaces

Goodman & Amana (Approval Letter) 90+ Furnaces

Heil 90+ Furnaces

Keeprite 90+ Furnaces

(Approval Letter)
All Condensing Gas Furnaces

(Approval Letter)
G7/*GC2 Condensing Gas Fired Funrnaces

(Approval Letter)
2012 Gas Furnaces

Rheem 90+ Multi-Poise Unites

Ruud All Condensing Gas Furnaces

Tempstar 90+ Furnaces

(Approval Letter)
All Condensing Gas Furnaces

Wolf Steel
(Approval Letter)

Napoleon Furnace Series

Continental Furnace Series

Empire Comfort Systems
US 90