Today, DuraVent has continued its success since its origins over 50 years ago. With 24 available product lines, DuraVent has a large portion of the Chimney Market and continues to innovate new products.

DuraVent is the premier company of the venting industry. With a broad range of engineered venting products, DuraVent has earned its reputation as the industry leader by offering innovative, safe, and professional products for the HVAC and Hearth markets. Holding strong and true to their mantra, “Engineered Excellence” is behind everything done at DuraVent.

  • M&G ( was founded in 1932 and is headquartered in the Netherlands.

    The M&G Group produces a wide range of flue and vent products in aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. It is the largest supplier of engineered venting systems for the high-efficiency heating market in Europe.

  • Dura-Vent opened for business in January of 1956 in Redwood City, CA by Dover Corporation, making type B vents for natural gas or liquid propane appliances.

  • DuraChimney came on board as the company's first wood chimney system.

    For a short period of time during these early years, the company also made rain gutters and downspouts.

  • Simpson Manufacturing purchased Dura-Vent and established a manufacturing plant in Vacaville, CA.

    Another manufacturing company was set up in Vicksburg, MS to supply the growing demand for venting products.

  • DirectVent GS was developed for venting direct-vented gas fireplaces and stoves.

    It is the industries top vent for these popular appliances. Unitized construction and the patented twist-lock connection provides quick, safe and easy construction.

    PelletVent was created by Simpson Dura-Vent as the first venting pipe for the newly developed pellet stoves. Pellets were a totally new fuel innovation and Simpson Dura-Vent developed the protocols for the venting standards. Every major pellet stove manufacturer in the industry now recommends PelletVent.

  • DuraPlus HTC was developed to offer a high-class chimney for the unique requirements of Canadian standards.

  • DuraVent acquired both the Ventinox product line from America Boa and Protech Systems, a highly respected manufacturer of Hearth, HVAC, and PHC products.

  • The M&G Group acquired Simpson DuraVent on September 1, 2010, becoming one of 13 companies in the privately held M&G consortium.

  • M&G DuraVent acquired Security Chimneys International, Ltd in November 2012.

    As a company who has built a reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers of quality chimney, Security Chimneys has been a great addition to DuraVent and has served to expand DuraVent’s market leading position of innovative products for the venting of residential and commercial appliances of all kinds.

  • In April 2013, M&G DuraVent consolidated their east coast facilities (Albany, NY and Vicksburg, MS) during a relocation and expansion to a 140,000 sq. ft. facility in Jupiter Lane, Albany.